Giving at Grace

We do not believe in begging but we do believe in giving. Please join us in our mission to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ. Thanks to the generosity of our congregation, the work of the church continues to expand at home and beyond these shores.
Each of us has the opportunity to make a difference through generous giving based upon our personal financial situation and our relationship with Christ. At Grace, we believe He owns everything and He expects us to use well what He has given us for His Kingdom. 
Your contribution supports the daily work of the church. We encourage people to tithe on a consistent basis to the local church – the storehouse - before considering any other offering. We believe that tithes and offerings are biblical and the best way for believers to support God's work through the church.

Ways to Give

Sunday Services

There is an offering box situated on the reception table as you enter or exit from our service

Small Donation Scheme

If your give less than £20 a week in cash, Grace can still add 25% to your gift from the taxman under the Gift Aid Small Donation scheme.  You don't need to fill in a form and you don't even need to be a UK taxpayer. Simply put up to £20 in one of the envelopes provided before putting it in the offering box.

Standing Order

Please download a standing order form, complete it and send it to your bank.
Gift Aid

If you give regularly to Grace Church - whether by cash, bank transfer or standing order - and you are a UK taxpayer, the Gift Aid Scheme will enable Grace to add 25% to your gift from the taxman. Please download a Gift Aid declaration, complete it and either put it in the offering box marked for the attention of Phil Prosser, or send him an electronic copy


Further information about giving is available from the Executive Pastor, Phil Prosser.                     
All our giving is handled with the strictest confidence.

Financial Accountability

Grace engages an independent accountant, who is non Narberth based, to perform an annual review of the accounts.  The financial accounts are available on the Charity Commission website.  Further information about the accounts or financial practices is available from the Executive Pastor, Phil Prosser.

Registered Charity

Grace Wales, Narberth is a Registered Charity - No. 1038463.  The Trustees are: Phil Prosser, Howard Freckleton and David Redman.