Fisherman’s Rest is one of the projects supported by Grace.

Based just outside the southern city of Blantyre, Malawi, they have strong connections with the local communities and carry out projects that aim to lift people out of poverty through increasing standards of education and developing business in the area.

Grace in-particular supports the child feeding program.

Bangalore, India

Grace links with numerous projects in the city of Bangalore:

Children’s homes, leper colony, support of pastors in the city and surrounding area.

Also Grace supports the pastors conference in Bangalore.


Ministry into Poland began in mid 1989 when Paul Dando first visited and brought a pastor and his wife to the UK.

Numerous visits every year taking pastors and evangelic teams followed.

Teams from Grace have ministered in northern Poland on several occasions.

In recent years, Paul visits have focused on speaking in various regions throughout Poland and national conferences.